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$21,978,615.00 in referrals recorded in the last 12 months!!

Unbelievable!! That’s the value of referrals exchanged by BNI Golden Horseshoe members in the last 12 months. That supports the $220 million generated by BNI Canada members and the worldwide figure of……wait for it…..$13.8 billion!

The average value of a seat in BNI Golden Horseshoe & Niagara is $42,000, which is a 55 times return on investment. The average value of a referral is $1,000. (That’s higher than the member fee and almost twice as much as the renewal fee.)

It’s time to shout it from the rooftops. BNI IS WORTH IT!!! If that’s too loud for you, then go ahead and post it on social media, tell your friends, tell your clients. Tell every business person you know.

Bottom line - when business people ask, “Is it BNI really worth it?” The answer is YES, absolutely without question, it’s worth it!

Here’s to the best BNI year yet!

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Givers Gain,

Christel Wintels, Executive Director and Franchise Owner


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